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(EfjurcJf of % P0I]} Jfamtlg 

(Eljapel pill, ^Ccrify (Earolma 


1954 - 1955 

OF - 

i?& - 1955 


Woman's Auxiliary Prayers 

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, bless, we 
pray Thee, our work for the extension of Thy 
Kingdom, and make us so thankful for the 
precious gift to us of Thy beloved Son, that 
we may pray fervently, labor diligently, and 
give liberally to make Him known to all nations 
as their Savior and their King: through the 
same Jesus Christ our Lord.. Amen. 

Almighty God, whose love reacheth unto the 
world's end, and who didst send Thy blessed 
vSon^torre^eBmoSlX^msEM^id: Help us, we 
pray Thee, so to reveal Thy love in prayer 
and work and stewardship, that by Thy spirit 
all nations and peoples may be baptized into 
one body, even as all are redeemed by one 
Savior; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

.. * 


We who live so much by abbreviations and nick- 
names are often unaware of the true meaning and 
scope of organizations to which we belong, and for 
which we work. One instance of this is* I'm sure, 
the Woman's Auxiliary. Tie all think of it as "the 
strong right arm" of the local Church, and it is 
surely that. Our branch Yfas operating before our 
Mission was formerly established , and it has never 
failed to meet an$ pressing demand laid upon it. 

However the full title is The Woman 1 s Auxiliary 
To The National Gouncil. This means that the wom- 
en of the Episcopal Church plan and execute their 
unique contribution to the work of the Church in 
our country and everywhere else that the Church 
ministers to bodies and souls. Our women do not 
neglect their local congregations any more than 
they do their homes and families. But they have 
long ago shown that they are not going » to stay 
in the kitchen". 

Please keep that consciousness in all you do. 
The " Woman ! s touch " is needed for creative 
Christian solutions to ignorance, bitterness and 
need throughout the world. Our local plans in 
Christian Education and Christian Social Relat- 
ions are not in true focus if they become blurred 
upon enlargement to international proportions. 
Every investment in local property must stand up 
to the test of " producer 1 s goods " for the 
Kingdom of God. 

Thank you for all your consideration and 
cooperation during the last three years. Hay 
God bless you and your work in the years to 


Maurice A* : Kidder 


Branch Officers and Committee Chairmen 
Church of the Holy Family 


Eie Rev, Maurice A. Kidder 

President of the Woman 1 s Auxiliary 
Mrs,, Addison D* Campbell 

Vice President of the Woman's Auxiliary 
Br, Margaret Swanton 

Secretary 5 Woman 1 s Auxiliary 
Mrs. Eugene Crawford, Jr. 

Treasurer 5 Woman 1 s Auxiliary 
Mrs. Clara Patty 

Secretary of Christian Education 
M5*s« John Clayton 

Secretary of Christian Social Relations 

Mrs*, Maurice Kidder 

Secretary of Supply 

Mrs, William Fleming 

United Thank Offering Custodian 
Mrs, Foster .FitzSimons 

Secretary of C. P. .Club 
Mrs, U. T. Holmes , Jr. 

Secretary of Personel and College Work 
Mrs. Allen H. Josselyn 5 Jr. 

Chairman of Missions 
Mrs. Robert Wagner 

Chairman of Fellowship Committee 
Miss Vivian Phipps 

Chairman of Friendship Committee 
Mrs. George Penick 

Chairman of Housekeeping Committee 
Mrs. Harry Sefton 

Chairman of Guild of the Christ Child 
Mrs. Cary Thompson 

Chairman of Telephone Committee 
Mrs* James Parker 

Chairman of "Worship Committee 
Mrs. Curtis Hick 

Chairman of Yearbook Committee 
Mrs* Richard Molten 


Chairman Mrs. Allen Josselyn, Jr. 

Secretary . . . . Mrs. John Clayton 

Treas. and Supply . Mrs. Daniel Decker 

Flower Chart Custodian . . Mrs. Charles Nottingham 

Stationary Mrs. Norman Cordon 

The work of the Auxiliary is. 'more effective if 
everyone understands the workings of its^ component 
parts. The following list presents the* ? purposes 
of its basic committees: 

Christian Education - to plan for each meeting a 
program on some aspect of the work of the Church 
that education may produce constructive action; 

Christian Social Relations - to extend the help- 
ing hand of the Church in cooperation with other 
denominations j agencies, and peoples toward a com- 
mon goal of World Citizenship in a World Democracy, 

Church Periodicals Club - to constantly renew 
and enrich our knowledge on a national and 
international scope by providing Current 
Resource Material, and to distribute mat- 
erial to other groups as well$ 

Missions - to create in an ©pen field for 
looking , an awareness, and to encourage our 
prayers and consideration and to learn 
through correspondence needs that we may help 

Supply - to aid the National Council by 
sending boxes of clothing and other supplies 
to our home and foreign Missions and other 
needy groups; 

United Thank Offering - to express our thank- 
fulness aby tokens which ultimately augment 
the good work of Yfomen in our Mission Fields; 

College and Personel - to establish a closer 
tie with our young people and to help make 
the Church a vital part, in their lives, be- 
ing ever mindful of the ever-growing needs 
for qualified men to enter the Ministry, and 
women for many allied fields. 

Cur other committees are for our own 
operation, that wo may befriend strangers 
and children, enjoy Christian fellowship 
among ourselves, and function on a level 
of benefit for others. " The light that 
shines farthest, shines brightest at home "• 

CALENDAR 1951* - 1955 

September - Trinity 

13 - Auxiliary Meeting 

29 - District Quiet Day of Prayer, St. Philip's 

October - Trinity 

k - Auxiliary Meeting 

8 - District Meeting, St. Bartholomew's, Pitt sb or o 
18- St, Luke's Day. Corporate Communion and In- 
gathering of U # T,0. '• ' - \ 

November - Trinity, Advent 

1 - All Saints' Day 

1 - Auxiliary Meeting 

5 - World Community Day, Sponsored by United 

Churclx Women, 
25- Thanksgiving Day, Parish Offerings for 
Thompson Orphanage. 

December - Advent,,- Christmas 

3 - First Friday in Advent - Parish Quiet Day 
of Prayer and Meditation 

6 - Auxiliary Meeting 

25- Christmas Day : 

January, 1955 - Epiphany " 

1 - Fiscal Year Begins 

10- Auxiliary Meeting 

6 *oFeasti~o£ Bpkpmny X2 tfl^rg^g^ry-Ma^tod 
Corporate Communion - Offering for Miss 
Jocelyn Gordon, Missionary to India 

February - Epiphany and Bre^Lent and Lent 
Jok Eeastiof "/the ^Burjf iaation - Intercessory 

Day and Corporate Goimnunion Offering for 

Diocesan Scholarship Fund to train women 

for Church Work. 
7 - Auxiliary Meeting 
23- Ash Wednesday 
2$- World Bay of Prater sponsored by United 

Church Women 

March - Lent 

7 - Auxiliary Meeting ■ - 

25- Feast of the Annunciation - Corporate 

Communion and Spring Ingathering of 

United Thank Offering. 

April - Lent and Easter 

k «'-Ari3d2i$Ery Meeting 

10- Easter Day 

19, 20 - Annual Meeting, Chapel of the Cross 

May - Easter, Ascension, lilhitsvntide 

2 - Auxiliary Meeting 

6 - May Fellowship Day, sponsored by United 

Church Women 

District Meeting 

June - Whitsuntide, Xrinity 

Woman 1 s Auxiliary Conference, Vade Mecum 
July - August - Trinity 

Mult Conference at Kanuga 


Our general theme for the year is: 
Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve. 

These are the specific aims for our work this year: 

1 - Titnxng of our time, energy, and treasure; 

2 - Regular Church attendance; ' 

3 - 100 % U.T.O. participation;' 

h - 100 % taking and reading of a National 

Church Paper; 
5 - Active T/ork on at least one committee. 

193* - 1955 PROGRAM" 

Sept. 13 - A LOOK AHEAD, Mrs. John Clayton 
Devotions -"Dr. Margaret Siranton 

Oct. k - Speaker, Mrs. George L. Lyon, Diocesan 
Secretary of Christian Social Relations. 
Devotions - Mrs, Alfred Linde 

Nov. 1 - STEWARDSH IP, Lirs. Foster FitzSimons 

Mrs. V/illiam Fleming 
Miirs. Allen Josselyn 
Devotions - L£rs. Roy Hoist en 

Dec. 6 - Christmas Party - lass Vivian PhiDps 
1955 Budget - Mrs. Clara Patty 
Devotions Lirs. Leon Andrews 

Jan. 10 - THE VILLAGE POOR , Llovie 

The lien of the Church as guests 
Devotions - I.irs. Charles Dolan 

Feb. 7 - U.T.Q, Mrs. Foster FitzSijnons 

Devotions - Hiss Ellen Anderson 

*rch 7 - PRAmL, lirs. J. J, Gordon 

Devotions - Lirs. Robert Langdell 

April k - ,, ? tf 

Devotions - llrs. 1.1. Li. Tiramons 


I.Irs. U. T. Holmes ~ 
Demotions - I.Irs, XX B. Holmes 
Installation of Officers. 

1951; Budget 


10.00 .......... Central Fand 

20.00 , . . . nS&qoly 

77«00 c .Pledge to Diocese 

U P 00 .Thompson Orphanage Graduation Fund 
6 . 00 - • • Thomp s on Orphanag e Chid stmas ?! a id 

lw 00 Missionary ■'Christmas Fund 

lie 00 ........ . ^ ,, Church Periodical 3 Club 

2.50 . ...Kanuga Capital Improvement Fund 

5*00 ••••••••••••« ••••••. a o .Camp Beianey 

17 . 50 Special Fund 

§150.00 , . . ..Total 


$ 30.00 Administration 

5«00 ........... t .. . .Christian Education 

5.00 ........ .Christian Social Relations 

20.00 c Vade Mecum 

15.00 ...'....-. .?r:? endship 

15.00 -. . .Guild of the Christ Child 

60. 00 Undesignated 

$1*50.00 V < .Total 



Members of the IToman 1 s Auxiliary 

1. Abshear, Mrs, Bessie ..♦..9-6213 

2 . Anderson, Miss ELlen . . . . 9-6797 

3. Andrew, Mrs. Robert, 9-6U19 

k m Andrews, Mrs. Leon (Doris) 8-0350 

5. Barnes, Mrs, Robert (Dorothea) .„. 8-2692 

6. Blackburn, Mrs. Earl (Louise) .... .8-ll|62 

7. Borden, Mrs. Richard (Patricia) ... 8-lb66 

8. Bost, Mrs. Thomas (Evelyn) 8-0375 

9. Bunting, Mrs, Robert (Beachie) ...9-5245 

10. Butterworth, Mrs. Jack (Jean) .... 

11. Byars,Mrs. John (Ellen) 8-3U51 

12. Campbell, Mrs. Addison (Dawn) ....9-38U1 
13 # Canada, Mrs. Robert (Cloeanne) ...9-6733 
llw Cate, Mrs. Henry (Ann) 9-7U62 

15. Chapin, Mrs. Marvin (Betty) 8-1377 

16. Clark, Mrs. Fred (Ann) 9-6628 

17. Clayton, Mrs. John (Mar£) 9-7277 

18. Cockey,' Lass Mary Carolyn 9-6722 

19. Cordon, Miss Grace 7921 

20. Cordon, Mrs. Norman(Deane) U621 

21. Crawford, Mrs. Eugene (Virginia) .9-6232 

22. Crawford, Mrs. Milo (Frances) ....9-I63U 
23/:Dobker, Mrs. Daniel (Catherine) ..8-3353 
2k. Dolan, Mrs. Charles (Margaret) ...9-6552 

25. Dunnagan, Mrs. Alice . . 9-6bk2 

26. Evans, Mrs. Harris (Phyllis) 8-0613 

27. Ferguson, Dr. Rosalind 81*50 

28. Fink, Mrs. Robert (Ruth) 8 ""^ 2 

29. FitzSimons, Mrs. Foster (Marian).. 6o5l 

30. Fleming, Mrs. William (Beatrice). .9-89^ 

31. Gitlin, Mrs.E. M 9-9896 

32. Hall, Mrs. Roy (Catherine) 8-0717 

33. Harris, Mrs. Frederick (Rose) ....9-2801 
3hm Henderson, Mrs. Jack (Margaret) ..9-5965 

35. Holmes, Mrs. U. T.,Jr. (Margaret). 9-6958 

36. Holmes, Mrs. ¥. B. (Ethel) 9-6677 


37, Holsten, Mrd. Roy (Elizabeth) 5521 

38.,Humm, Mrs. Douglas (Jane) . 9 9606 — 

39. Jossclyn, Urs. Alien (Shirley) 9-3UU1 -^ 

^ ij.0. Justice, Urs, Gharlie (Sarah) 8-0216 

- Ul. Kidder, Mrs. ilaurice (Isabel). .... .8-0981 

I|2. Kingman, Mrs. Allen (Margaret) ......5701 

li3. Langdell, Mrs. Robert (Alice) 9~9126 

kh. Lanham, . Mrs. Charles (Nancy) 9-97 7U 

Ii5. Lee, Mrs. Lawrence (Mary) 29U6 

^ k$ 9 Linde, Mrs,- Alfred (Sybil) ........ 8=3£e3 

!i?. Manly, Mrs. James (Dorothy) .9-7272 

v I4.8. McClamrock, Mrs. Roland, Jr. (Betsy) 8-5833 
Ii9. McCoy, Miss Mary 9-6655 

50. Molten, Mrs. Richard (Mary) , 8~0i|26 

51. Muirhead, Mrs. Alastair (Margaret ).?• -6371 

52. lorwood, Mrs'. George (Zabelle) 8-0332 

v 53. Nottingham, Mrs. Charles (Blanche). 9- 3 53U 

5U. Oehlbeck, Mrs. Luther (Ann) 9-$606 

-55# °rr, ^ rs « Mark (latherine) 8-li|l6 

v 56. Parker, Mrs. Hames (Helen) 9-3626 

57. Patty, Mrs. Clara 9-551*2- 

^58. Penick, Mrs. George (Marguerite) 5216 — 

59 • Perry, Mrs. Robert (Katherine) 

v 60. Phipps, Miss Vivian 25ll 

y 61. Powell, Mrs. William (Virginia).... 8-3782 

62. Price, Miss Ruth 9-39oi| 

63. Savery, Mrs. Sally 9-7131 

6H. Sefton, Mrs. Harry (Elizabeth) 9-7828 

-~65. Selby, Mrs. Talbot (Marjorie) 2661 

— 66. Selden, Mrs. Samuel (Emily) 1 7221 

67. Shankle, Mrs. Jack (Jane) 8-Ol|21 

- 68. Shannonhouse, Mrs. Royal (Myra) .... 9-7308 

69. Smith, Mrs. Capers- (Anne) . ... 8-0177 

70. Spalding, Miss Lucille 9-8882 

71« Stringham, Mrs. Edwin (Alta) 8-1662 

— 12,* Sviranton, Br. Margaret t »' 9-8738 - 


73* Taylor, Mrs. Thomas (Hazel) UkU 

7k. Thomas, Mrs. Golin, Jr. ( Shirley) .. 9-8986 
^ 75>. Thompson, Llrs. Gary, (Helene) 9-7283 

76. Thompson, Mrs. Henry (Dorothea).. ••9-8821 

77. Timmons, Mrs. LL 11. (Edna) 9-3216 

78. Parley, Mrs. Robert (Anne) 9-7313 

79." .Wagner, Mrs. Robert (Lynn) 9-i9?6 > : 

80. Westmoreland, Miss Rachel 9-6l\kk 

81. Wheeler, Mrs. Falter (Eula) 9-6319 

82. Tihitehill, Mrs. Arthur (Rose) 9-761*3 

83. Wick, Mrs. Curtis (Carlotta) ..9-0353 

8U. V/inborne, Mrs, Roger (Lee) 9-5^1 

8£. Zimmerman, Mrs* Frank (Martha) 9-685U 


to.. • - - 





Auxuliary Hymn 
No. U08 

Take my life, and let it be 
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee; 
Take my moments and my days, 
Let them flow in ceaseless praise 

Take my hands, and let them move 
At the impulse of Thy love; 
Take my feet and let them be 
Swift and beautiful for Thee. 

Take my voice, and let me sing 
Always, only for my King; 
Take my intellect, and use 
Every power as Thou shalt choose. 

Take my will, and make it thine; 
It shall be no longer mine. 
Take myself, and I will be 
Ever, only, all for Thee. Amen. 


^'•-•-vr^ . - : ^^Vi^^W» 





Form No. A-368, Rev. 8/95